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Our Products

Product Range

  • Complete fermentation plant erection on a turnkey basis with complete integration with utilities, upstream/downstream equipment/ vessels.
  • Complete process piping and engineering tailor made for biotech industry.
  • Novel vessel designs and prototypes as per customer requirements.
  • Lab scale in situ sterilizable stirred tank fermenters (3L, 5L, 7L, 10L, 12.5L, 14L)
  • Pilot scale in situ sterilizable stirred tank fermenters (15L to 250L)
  • Industrial scale in situ sterilizable stirred tank fermenters (300L to 100 KL and above)
  • Air Lift Fermenters
  • Aerobic/ Anaerobic Fermenters
  • Top Driven/ Bottom Driven – Mechanically Sealed and Magnetically Sealed Agitated Vessels/Reactors/Fermenters
  • Mammalian Cell Culture Bioreactors
  • Plant Tissue – Callus Culture Bioreactors
  • Algal Photo Bioreactors
  • In-Situ Sterilizable Solid State Reactors
  • In-Situ Sterilizable Mist Bioreactors for Diazotrophs Growing on Legumes
  • Gas Sequestration Fermenters.
  • Various upstream and downstream GMP Vessels :
  • Acid/Alkali Dosing Vessels
  • Antifoam Dosing Vessels
  • Various Feed Vessels
  • Media Preparation Vessels
  • Nutrient Dosing Vessels
  • Various Buffer Vessels
  • Harvest Vessels
  • GMP-Precipitation Vessels
  • GMP-Collection Vessels
  • GMP-Filtrate Collection Vessels
  • GMP-Storage Vessels
  • GMP-Settling Vessels
  • GMP-Cell Lysate Vessels
  • GMP-Paste Collection Vessels
  • GMP-Solubilization Vessels
  • GMP-Holding Vessels
  • GMP-Refolding vessels
  • WFI vessels
  • Inactivation vessels
  • Formulation vessels
  • SIP Handling System
  • CIP Handling System
  • Biowaste Disposal System consisting of Effluent Collection Tanks & Kill Tanks