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Manufacture Fermenters / Bioreactors / Bioprocess Vessels for the Life Science Industry

Holistic Fermentation Engineering Solutions to Clients

Undertake complete Turn – Key projects for the Fermentation Industries

Undertake complete Process Piping Solutions for the Fermentation Project

Complete Upstream and Downstream process integration

Development of Special Bioreactor Prototypes & Design in collaboration with R&D Institutes / Industries

Development of Custom-made User-friendly Data Acquisition programs

Complete Fermentation Process-Instrumentation & Process Automation

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Scigenics presence across the Bioprocess-Industry

Human /Animal Vaccines, Cell culture, Insulin etc.

Probiotics, Biomass cultivation etc.

Nutraceuticals, Dairy, Flavours, Pigments etc.


Biofertilizer, Biopesticide

Pharma, Antibiotics, Vitamin, etc.

Bioremediation, Bio-refinery, etc.

Enzymes, Biosimilars, Therapeutic Proteins, etc

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Life time partners of life science industry

S. Muthuswamy

Managing Director

Scigenics (India) Pvt. Ltd. was conceived in the year 1991 as an entrepreneurial venture and is proud to be a pioneer in indigenously manufacturing custom-designed and engineered Fermenters. Scigenics has one of the largest installation bases of more than 2000 Fermenters across the length and breadth of the country and abroad. Scigenics has acquired a Leadership role solely by addressing the specific needs of the Indian market, which essentially involves designing the equipment for Indian tropical conditions. The elusive and subtle range of fermenters designed were suitable for basic research, pilot scales, and production scales. Scigenics has a fully equipped in-house design and manufacturing capability. An extensive service network, coupled with accessories and spare parts stock, enabling customer support just a call away, and providing the best-in-class service has elevated us to be a reliable partner of the Bioprocess Industry. Our ISO Standards, DSIR certification, and Quality assurance at all levels ensure product quality & reliability, a testimony of which is constant repeat orders. Our prestigious clientele comprises Pharma majors, Biotech Industries, CSIRs, reputed Universities, and Research Institutes. Our Research and Development activities include Mechanical, Electronics, Instrumentation, and Automation engineering, which are in pace with the latest technology trends, thereby helping the customer to develop a better product for tomorrow. We are also engaged in activities such as conducting hands-on training programs for bioscientists/technocrats, and regular seminars on various subjects by involving leading scientists and decision-makers. Such activities result in the enhancement of academic talent through technology interface. Our vision is to acquire a significant position as an International Player by providing holistic fermentation solutions.


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Scigenics (India) Pvt. Ltd. caters to the Lifesciences-Bioprocess Industry wherein
Process Engineering, Vessel Manufacturing, Process Skid fabrication, Automation
Development and insights into Bioprocess have equal weightage. Our work-atmosphere
necessitates candidates having skill sets either in Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical,
Software programming, Design Development, Project Executions, Application Selling or
Procurements-Vendor Management.

Applicants with insights into Industrial Biotechnology/ Microbiology, Bioprocess are Preferred

Interested candidates can submit your CV